Is This Thing On?

Apr 18, 2019 • meta • 1 min. read

It’s about time I should have some sort of thought dumping ground of sorts. I’ve been plagued, for years with decision paralysis about what theme to use, colors, and just the tiniest details that don’t really matter. After all, as long as there are words on the screen, the message more or less gets through, right?

So here we are. Typeset with Tufte, with small tweaks of mine, and hosted at my friends at Netlify.

I’m planning on writing about a DevOps related project I’ve been working on and off for a while. It’s an itch I’ve had for years, and I think people will quite enjoy using it. In fact, it will make incident response a much more transparent affair, giving anyone in your organization a chance to learn how to respond to those.

Stay tuned. More soon.